Tools of the Trade

Tackling your novel, short story, screenplay, or essay is never easy, which is why we want to show you a few awesome resources that you can use to help you along your way. Though you may be familiar with some of them, I hope that there is at least one new thing that you can try. Drop us a note letting us know which programs you like, and which programs you think we should check out.

1. Writer, The Internet Typweriter:

Writer, The Internet Typewriter is a distraction free writing zone, which displays like the old-fashioned IBM computer with a monochrome display. The website asks that you create an account, which is completely free and then it allows you to write as much as you like. You can change the front face, font color, and background to suit your personal preferences. It also offers a pro option, which provides you with the ability to export to Dropbox, or Google Drive. It also provides real time word count, which is a plus.

2.Progress Bar Timer

Progress Bar Timer is an extension for the Chrome Web Browser. If you need to track your word count or your deadline, this is definitely the extension for you. What is amazing and quite useful about this extension is that you can set your progress bars against each other. If you have ten days left of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) left and you’ve only written 20,000 words, you can watch yourself get closer to your goal as the timer ticks down. It’s also a great way to track multiple projects at once.

3. LitLift

LitLift is one of those programs that you wish you found sooner than you did. Litlift helps you plan the novel or short story that you’ve always wanted to write. You can track characters, scenes and settings with ease and versatility. The account is 100 percent free and you can log in via Google, Facebook, and Twitter

4.Write or Die

Anyone who has participated in NaNoWriMo is bound to know about Write or Die. Write or Die is one of the best ways to beat writer’s block and force yourself to write. The program provides simple, distraction free writing, but there’s a catch. For every idle moment you spend staring at your screen, Write or Die begins to delete words to encourage you to keep going. The program allows you to change and manipulate multiple different settings based on how adventurous you feel. There is a downloadable program as well, which provides a few more options and of course, allows for offline use.